Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kids...and...more Kool-Aid

My interview today was with Dr. M. Maitland DeLand, a radiation oncologist specializing in women's and children's cancers. Her new book, "THE GREAT KATIE KATE TACKLES QUESTIONS ABOUT CANCER", is a great picture book to get children talking about their fears.

When a family receives that initial diagnosis it can be devastating. Twenty-five years ago, I was struggling with this issue when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia just prior to her 3rd birthday. (I'm happy to report that she has become a wonderful young woman, and now works for the American Cancer Society). Dr. Deland's book deals with the many questions and worries that children (and their parents) may have, about chemotherapy, the machines used for radiation treatments, the procedures, the hospital stays and much more. She give fear a silly name, "The Worry Wombat" and shows us how talking through the tough issues with the doctors, nurses and parents can help alleviate those worries and fears. A great book!

How about a Kool-Aid float this holiday weekend?

In large pitchers mix 3 envelopes unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid with 3 c. sugar and 6 c. cold water according to the package directions. Stir in 1 (12 oz.) can orange juice concentrate, thawed. Just before serving add 1 quart ginger ale. Pour into tall glasses. Add scoops of raspberry sherbet. Top with a dollop of Cool Whip and a few blueberries and you've got yourself a very patriotic beverage!

Tip of the day: If you're going to be out partying or picnicking this weekend and the flies are bothering you try this: Take 6-7 pennies, place in a small zip-lock bag with a little bit of water. Hang up near your picnic area and the flies will not bother you! I haven't tried this yet, but intend to put it to use... Let me know if it works for you

Quote of the day: What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger

(A favorite quote of my "Katie-Kate")

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  1. The first time I heard this quite was from my son. Hes in the Navy and over seas right now. It realy makes you think.