Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fudge, Fundraisers and the Food Network

Today is FUDGE DAY- and who doesn't love a "bite" or two of this delectably sweet and extremely rich candy treat? I did a little research and learned that if you want to make perfect fudge everytime you need to follow these tips:

  • Follow directions exactly.

  • Use an accurate candy thermometer.

  • Add each ingredient in order listed.

  • Do not stir vigorously after it’s reached the soft ball stage,

  • Use a heavy, high sided saucepan that holds about twice the volume as your candy recipe.

  • Do all prep work and gather all equipment and ingredients before starting.

  • Test your candy thermometer before you begin by boiling a pan of water, inserting the thermometer and ensuring that it reads 212°

Do YOU have a great "foolproof" fudge recipe? If so, send it to me at

We are gearing up for our local RELAY FOR LIFE fundraiser event. The dates are next Friday into Saturday (June 25 & 26) and I am part of the "C Card" Team. This year's theme is "Celebrate more Birthdays" and I found a recipe for cupcake lollipops on the American Cancer Society website. Using a regular cake mix, you bake the cake, crumble it and add a can of cream cheese frosting. After rolling into 1 1/2" balls and freezing for 30 minutes, you use a small flower shaped cookie cutter to form each piece into a flower shape. The bottom half gets dipped in milk chocolate, a lollipop stick is inserted and then you dip in white or colored chocolate, decorate and wrap with a plastic sleeve and a ribbon.

I did a "test run", brought them to work where they got rave reviews from everyone who tasted them SOOOO.... I'm making 2 batches (should yield about 50-54 per cake mix) to sell at our campsite during the relay AND I am also making a 50-piece bouquet to auction off during our upcoming CHILDREN'S RADIOTHON event that is also happening next week-more on that later...

Today's interview was with Melissa d'Arabian. You can catch her on the daytime series, "$10 Dinners" on the Food Network. She is also a spokesperson for the National Pork Board. She talked to us about grilling for the summer season. Did you know that pork is very versatile, a great value (price-wise) and freezes well? You can get more of her recipes at and also find out about a contest that she is promoting. You can send a photo of you/family members/friends celebrating with pork dishes and you could win a trip to New York and a chance to be on her show. Check it out!

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