Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kids...and...more Kool-Aid

My interview today was with Dr. M. Maitland DeLand, a radiation oncologist specializing in women's and children's cancers. Her new book, "THE GREAT KATIE KATE TACKLES QUESTIONS ABOUT CANCER", is a great picture book to get children talking about their fears.

When a family receives that initial diagnosis it can be devastating. Twenty-five years ago, I was struggling with this issue when my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia just prior to her 3rd birthday. (I'm happy to report that she has become a wonderful young woman, and now works for the American Cancer Society). Dr. Deland's book deals with the many questions and worries that children (and their parents) may have, about chemotherapy, the machines used for radiation treatments, the procedures, the hospital stays and much more. She give fear a silly name, "The Worry Wombat" and shows us how talking through the tough issues with the doctors, nurses and parents can help alleviate those worries and fears. A great book!

How about a Kool-Aid float this holiday weekend?

In large pitchers mix 3 envelopes unsweetened strawberry Kool-Aid with 3 c. sugar and 6 c. cold water according to the package directions. Stir in 1 (12 oz.) can orange juice concentrate, thawed. Just before serving add 1 quart ginger ale. Pour into tall glasses. Add scoops of raspberry sherbet. Top with a dollop of Cool Whip and a few blueberries and you've got yourself a very patriotic beverage!

Tip of the day: If you're going to be out partying or picnicking this weekend and the flies are bothering you try this: Take 6-7 pennies, place in a small zip-lock bag with a little bit of water. Hang up near your picnic area and the flies will not bother you! I haven't tried this yet, but intend to put it to use... Let me know if it works for you

Quote of the day: What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger

(A favorite quote of my "Katie-Kate")

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Garlic and Gargling

Are you familiar with the power of garlic?

Besides adding flavor to many recipes garlic has many health advantages.

  • Clear up UTI's: Cranberry juice isin't the only natural way to help fight annoying urinary tract infections. A diet rich in garlic can help too, thanks to the bulb's natural anitmicrobial properties.

  • Crush Cancer: Mince garlic ahead of time and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before heating and it will retain one third more of the cancer fighting sulfur compounds than if it were cooked immediately.

  • Fight Itchy Feet: If you have athlete's foot, reach for garlic. It's a powerful antifungal. Just boil several cloves in hot water; let it cool to a comfortable temperature; pour into a tub and soak your feet. (Boiled and uncrushed garlic won't leave a smell).

  • Combat a Cold: At the first sign of sniffles, microwave 2 cloves of garlic, unpeeled for 25 seconds; let cool; then peel off the skin and eat. Garlic's sulfur compounds boost the immune system and help fight infections.

  • Let it Bloom: plant garlic next to your rose bushes to naturally repel pests.

My interview today was with Dr. Susanne Cohen, CEO of Triumph-a company that makes "Smart Mouth" a mouthwash that stops bad breath for 12 hours. You can get more information at

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kudos and Kool-Aid

Kudos to Everyone!!!

Our 13th Annual Children's Radiothon was a HUGE success! Many thanks go to all the wonderful members of the community who supported this event by their monetary donations, winning bids on auction items, participating in the 2nd Annual "Noel's Angel Walk", donating the many auction items that were put up for bidding and everyone who worked behind the scenes in so many capacities and on so many levels. This year's total: $108,628.00 Which catupulted us over the 1 MILLION DOLLAR MARK!

Amazing and incredibly awesome. The money stays right here in Dodge County and will be divided between the following organizations:

P.A.V.E (People Against a Violent Environment), Parent Resource Place, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Green Valley Enterprises, The YMCA of Dodge County-Strong Kids Campaign, Community Care, Clothes for Kids

My cupcake lollipop bouquet (pictured above) sold for $55.00 during the dessert auction!

As the weather warms up and we head toward JULY and the middle of summer we had a request on the show for a recipe for Kool-Aid popsicles-remember those? Below you'll find two recipes to try:

Kool-Aid Popscicles:

Dissolve 1 envelope unsweetened Kool-aid (any flavor) with 2/3 c. sugar and 1 quart water. Pour into plastic molds or paper cups. Freeze unitl almost firm. Insert craft or popscicle stick and freeze until very firm. Yield: 20.

Kool-Aid Popscicles II:

Dissolve 1 small package of JELL-O and 1 package Kool-aid (any flavor) in 2 c. hot water. Pour in 1 1/2 c. cold water. Place in plastic popscicle molds or paper cups. Freeze until firm. Yield: 12.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Relationships, Relay and Radiothon

Busy days ahead!
Tomorrow at 6am we kick off our 13th annual Children's Radiothon. We are closing in on the $1 million dollar mark and I think we just may achieve this goal this year! Everyone at the radio pitches and does their part but the main "year round" coordination is handled by Jill Cullen-she keeps everything running smoothly. HATS OFF to Jill!
The on-air auction items can be viewed at our websites: or -LOTS of great items with dates and times of when you can bid... The on-air dessert auction will run from 9am-11am. We have 13 home baked treats that you can bid on. I made a lollipop cupcake bouquet-50 individually wrapped cupcakes on a lollipop stick. DELICIOUS!

On Friday, I'll be participating in Beaver Dam's Relay for Life event at the High School. I will be walking in honor of my daughter Kathryn "Katie"-who was diagnosed with leukemia just before her 3rd birthday; my good friend and co-worker Karen Kuhn-a recent cancer survivor and in memory of a former co-worker, Karen Griswold, who lost her battle just over 1 year ago. If you would like to make a donation to me and my team, visit the website at: www.relayforlife/beaverdamwi find the "C CARD" team and then click on my name. We are walking to celebrate more birthdays this year!

I read a wonderful book recently and today had a chance to talk with the author.
Bonnie McEneaney lost her husband in the attacks on the World Trade Center. Her book, "MESSAGES: SIGNS, VISITS AND PREMONITIONS FROM LOVED ONES LOST ON 9/11", is a ground breaking collection of inspiring true stories of the spiritual experiences of those who lost loved ones. Bonnie talks about her own signs and messages that her husband has shared with her since his death and she interivewed over 200 other individuals to get their insights and inspiring messages. You might think the book is only about death but I believe it is really a gift; a gift of hope, faith and most of all love. Each story reveals the strong bond these family members had with each other; and brings a message of comfort and hope to anyone searching for their own deeper connections, proving that love and relationships can continue even after death.
Do you believe that your loved one can communicate with you after death? If you have an experience or story to share, you can contact Bonnie at

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hot Dogs and Head Colds!

First Day of Summer arrived today and it looks like we are going to have summer like weather for most of the week. And just as summer arrives, so does my "summer cold". Stuffy nose, watery eyes, scratchy throat and deep cough. Not the kind of symptoms to have if I'm "on the air". I did manage to get through the show today and hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

We also talked about the different ways to dress up a hot dog. Do you like yours with all the "fixins" or just a good old PLAIN dog? You can easily "fancy up" the hot dogs at your next BBQ.

Rueben Dog: 2 Tbsp. sauerkraut + 2 Tbsp. grated Swiss cheese +
1 Tbsp.Thousand Island Dressing

Salty Dog: 2 tsp. yellow mustard + 3-4 bread & butter pickles +
1 slice cooked bacon, crumbled

Tropical Dog: 2 Tbsp. chopped fresh pineapple + 1 Tbsp. chopped sweet red
cherry pepper + 2 Tbsp. fresh cilantro leaves

You might know of someone who is a very hard worker and deserves recognition.

Sears and "Dickies" are sponsoring the 2010 American Worker of America contest. You only need to answer 2 easy questions on their website and you could win the one of 6 regional prizes of $5,000 each and one grand prize of $100,000. We spoke with Michael McGee of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. At 23, he purchased a 41 acre horse training farm. Today, two years later, he is an agricultural teacher and advisor for the Future Farmers of America at his high school. He credits his early achievements in life to being a normal guy with a dream and good, old-fashioned hard work. So check out the website:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dad's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all Dad's and Grandpa's...

A special tribute to my Dad...he has always been there for me, as well as all of his children and grandchildren. The best "whistler" in the county or for that matter the state! Always cheerful and ready to help anyone in need. When my five siblings and I were growing up, he used to perform"magic" for us (on Saturday nights, after our baths) and he could pull Hershey candy bars our of ears! AMAZING, right? Funny thing is, upon reflection today, it seems to me he always needed to wear a grey sweater before attempting the magic.
And homemade pizza! Another Saturday night tradition. He'd begin in the early afternoon to mix the dough and let it rise. Thin crust with lots of mozzarella cheese and sauce. We always had "just cheese" for our topping-I think that's because he didn't like any other toppings! Lots of wonderful memories growing up with my Dad.
Happy Father's Day! I LOVE YOU!-
I hope you know this, even if I don't say it often enough
We talked with Todd Davis today. He's written a great book "HANDYDAD: 25 awesome projects for Dads and Kids"
Lots of great projects that can be completed in a few hours or a weekend. The book has many photographs, detailed instructions and easy to follow instructions. It's kid tested, mom approved and easy enough for Dad's of all levels of expertise! (Chronicle Books, $24.95)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brainstorms and Brussel Sprouts

The brain is such a marvelous, amazing organ. Dr. Eric Maisel talked about his new book, "BRAINSTORM: HARNESSING THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVE OBSESSIONS". His book is easy to read and understand in this provacative, practical guide you can learn to :
  • get more done
  • have less anxiety
  • cultivate more creativity and happiness as you pursue your goals

You can find more information at either of his websites: or

We also spoke with Dr. Brenda Shoshana, a practicing psychologist and therapist about her new book, "FEARLESS: THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF PEACE OF MIND". The premise of her book is that you can harness your fears and turn them into strengths. Again, another good read. Very thought-provoking!

Today is Fresh Veggie Day. A great time to select a vegetable that you have never tried before.... like Brussels Sprouts!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fudge, Fundraisers and the Food Network

Today is FUDGE DAY- and who doesn't love a "bite" or two of this delectably sweet and extremely rich candy treat? I did a little research and learned that if you want to make perfect fudge everytime you need to follow these tips:

  • Follow directions exactly.

  • Use an accurate candy thermometer.

  • Add each ingredient in order listed.

  • Do not stir vigorously after it’s reached the soft ball stage,

  • Use a heavy, high sided saucepan that holds about twice the volume as your candy recipe.

  • Do all prep work and gather all equipment and ingredients before starting.

  • Test your candy thermometer before you begin by boiling a pan of water, inserting the thermometer and ensuring that it reads 212°

Do YOU have a great "foolproof" fudge recipe? If so, send it to me at

We are gearing up for our local RELAY FOR LIFE fundraiser event. The dates are next Friday into Saturday (June 25 & 26) and I am part of the "C Card" Team. This year's theme is "Celebrate more Birthdays" and I found a recipe for cupcake lollipops on the American Cancer Society website. Using a regular cake mix, you bake the cake, crumble it and add a can of cream cheese frosting. After rolling into 1 1/2" balls and freezing for 30 minutes, you use a small flower shaped cookie cutter to form each piece into a flower shape. The bottom half gets dipped in milk chocolate, a lollipop stick is inserted and then you dip in white or colored chocolate, decorate and wrap with a plastic sleeve and a ribbon.

I did a "test run", brought them to work where they got rave reviews from everyone who tasted them SOOOO.... I'm making 2 batches (should yield about 50-54 per cake mix) to sell at our campsite during the relay AND I am also making a 50-piece bouquet to auction off during our upcoming CHILDREN'S RADIOTHON event that is also happening next week-more on that later...

Today's interview was with Melissa d'Arabian. You can catch her on the daytime series, "$10 Dinners" on the Food Network. She is also a spokesperson for the National Pork Board. She talked to us about grilling for the summer season. Did you know that pork is very versatile, a great value (price-wise) and freezes well? You can get more of her recipes at and also find out about a contest that she is promoting. You can send a photo of you/family members/friends celebrating with pork dishes and you could win a trip to New York and a chance to be on her show. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books and Bugs

OK, vacation is over. Time to get back to "blogging". I was in beautiful door county helping my sister prepare for her only daughter's high school graduation. We made our lists, did the grocery shopping, prepared the foods (and even had time for a pedicure that was a generous gift from my aunt in Chicago-Thanks, Aunt Bonnie!).

Last week was spent playing "catch-up" here at work and spending time with my oldest daughter who was home for a few days before heading north to spend the weekend with her high school girlfriends. They all turn 30 this year, and wanted to mark the occassion in a special way. It's good to make time for friends and family-they comprise the fabric of our lives...

I have a great line up in the "Book Nook" segment of the show this week.

Yesterday we talked with Patrick Robinson, about his newest novel, "INTERCEPT". Patrick has written many "thrillers" and his latest is all about al-Qaeda terrorists. This isn't my usual "genre" but the book is a real page turner. It highlights the stark reality that it's not the men and women running for office that can protect us; but the military, the CIA and the Special Forces Commanders who will be in place long after the politicians are gone. A great gift for Dad, too!
Another great gift for Dad might be Brad Meltzer's new book, "HEROES FOR MY SON". Brad is also a well-known suspense novelist. This book however, was written for his son and showcases a collection of 52 men and women; familiar and unknown, historical and contemporary. I loved everything about the book; from the cover to the use of photo corners on the black and white pictures to the font that looks like he used an old-fashioned typewriter. Brad also includes his mother and grandfather and provides a final page for you to place a photo of your "hero" and space to write why. Again, this would make an excellent gift for a Dad, a grad or anyone who is a special part of your life.

Today I spoke with Michael McQueen, a Sydney-based speaker, social researcher and business owner. His book (or journal really), is titled "MEMENTO" and offers a way for younger generations to connect with their parents and grandparents. This incredible journal begins each page with a thought-provoking question that will coax life stories from loved ones and will become a treasured keepsake.

Wednesday, we'll be talking with Melissa d'Arabian (host of the Food Network's $10 dinners)
Thursday, we'll feature Dr. Eric Maisel who will discuss his new book "BRAINSTORM", and how we can harness productive obsessions. Also, Dr. Brenda Shoshana will talk to us about her new book "FEARLESS", and how we can discover our strenghts through our fears.
We'll wrap things up on Friday with Todd Davis. His book, "HANDYDAD". His book showcases 25 projects that dads can do with their kids.

We talked about carpenter ants today and how to get rid of them. I found out that in order to really get rid of them, you need to find the nest and kill the queen. Then and ONLY THEN will you rid your house of carpenter ants. Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Audio Books and Automobiles

School is almost out for the summer and kids 8-18 years old, spend almost 4 hours a day in front the TV and 2 more hours on the computer playing video games, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Do you realize that's HALF A DAY wasted on mindless television?

If you want to encourage your children to continue to read this summer you should introduce them to audio books.

We talked with Jennifer Egan, about her new audio book, "A Visit From the Goon Squad". The book is written like a "mini series" with a total of 8 cd's and has wide appeal for all ages.

We also talked about traveling tips. Are you going to be taking a vacation this summer (There are only 20 days left until the "official first day of summer!").

  • If you'll be camping: collect the dryer lint in a Ziploc bag to use as a starter. It weighs almost nothing, ignites right away and saves you from having to gather kindling.

  • Document your travels with postcards. Jot down a few sentences on the backs. At the end of the trip add the notes to a memories box with cards from other journeys. You have photos as well as a journal

  • Next time you take a road trip with a group, buy little car flags from the dollar store and have everyone mount them on their vehicles. You’ll be able to spot each easily.

  • The disposable caps in hotel bathrooms make great shoe covers. Just slip a cap over each shoe and you won’t have to worry about getting everything else in your suitcase dirty.

  • Here is a fun use for foreign change: attach a piece of magnetic tape to the back of the coin and voila- instant fridge magnet. It makes for an inexpensive souvenir! (I am definetely going to use this tip. I have coins from my trip to England just sitting in my jewelry box taking up space).

Today's Quote: "Positive anything is better than negative nothing."

If you want to taste the BEST lemonade ever, here is recipe I shared last week:

1 1/2 c. granulated sugar

8 c. water

1 1/2 c. lemon juice (juice from lemons or Real Lemon juice)

Combine sugar and 1 c. of water in small saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir to dissolve. Allow to cool to room temperature, then cover and refrigerate until chilled. Remove seeds from lemons; squeeze juice, retaining pulp, if desired. In large pitcher, combine syrup with remaining water (7 c.) and lemon juice.

It's called "BEST EVER LEMONADE" and it really is!