Friday, November 19, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Tips and Tons of recipes

Turkey is day is fast approaching. Here are just a few tips to keep you organized when cooking the big bird!

  • If you want to have leftovers, plan approximately 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per person.

  • If you have a large number of guests coming, you might want to cook 2 smaller birds as opposed to one larger one. (Less cooking time)

If you're wondering how long you need to roast the turkey you can use this as a guideline:

  • 12 pounds: 3-4 hours at 325

  • 15 pounds: 4-4 1/2 hours at 325

  • 18 pounds: 4 1/2-5 hours at 325

  • 20 pounds: 5-6 hours at 325

And if you're wondering how much food to plan for when preparing your side dishes:

  • 1 pound bag of carrots = 4-5 servings

  • 1 (12 oz.) bag of cranberries = 2 1/4 c. sauce

  • 1 (16 oz.) can of cranberry sauce = 6 servings

  • 1/3 cup of gravy per person

  • 1 1/2 pounds of green beans = 6-8 servings

  • 1 (5 pound bag) potatoes (mashed) = 10-12 servings


If you want to visit a REALLY fun website check out

It has tons of holiday recipes, interactive games, crafts and activities for kids. It is awesome!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fudge and Forgotten Delights

Do you like to do lots of baking for the holidays? Just a few family favorites each year? We shared a couple of fudge recipes on the show today.

A favorite that a listener called in last year is Milky Way fudge, made with Milky Way candy bars. Very YUMMY and very easy!

Milky Way Fudge

3 regular size Milky Way candy bars

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 (12 oz.) pkg. chocolate chips

Place all ingredients in microwave-safe bowl. Melt until smooth. Pour into greased 8x8" glass dish. Chill until firm.

This recipe was also shared on today's program. It would be a festive touch to your holiday dessert platter with the red cranberries...

Cranberry Nut Fudge

1 tsp. butter

1 (16 oz.) can milk chocolate frosting

1 (12 oz.) pkg. milk chocolate chips

1 (6 oz.) pkg. dried cranberries

1/2 c. chopped pecans

LIne an 8" square dish with foil and grease the foil with butter; set aside. In heavy saucepan, combine frosting and chocolate chips. cook and stir over medium low heat until chips are melted. Stir in cranberries and nuts. Pour into prepared pan. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Using foil, lift fudge out of pan. Discard foil; cut fudge into 1" squares. Store in refrigerator. Yield: 2 pounds.

In the Book Nook segment today we spoke with Lesley M.M. Blume, author of "LET'S BRING BACK-AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FORGOTTEN YET DELIGHTFUL, CHIC, USEFUL, CURIOUS AND OTHERWISE COMMENDABLE THINGS FROM TIMES GONE BY". It's a whimsical and beautifully illustrated collection of objects, recipes, words, and even people that she feels should be re-introduced...

As I read through the book, I easily flagged about two dozen things. For instance: door-to-door peddlers (I remember the Fuller Brush Man and the Minnesota Woolen Mills rep who stopped at our house once every six weeks or so). Good Cracker Jack prizes (I liked to collect all the circus train cars). Homely Christmas Trees. (No matter what our tree really looked like, Dad always proclaimed it was "The prettiest tree we ever had!")

There are so many more items that will trigger your memories. A fun read, and a great gift to give or receive.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

In the "Book Nook" this week:

Monday, November 15th: Lesley M. M. Blume, "LET'S BRING BACK"-
a whimsical, beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of forgotten yet delightfully, useful, curious and otherwise commendable things from time gone by. As I read the book, I flagged many little bits and pieces that jogged a memory. For instance: poloroid cameras (I remember seeing the picture develop before my eyes and thinking it was MAGIC!), princess phones (I so badly wanted one as a teenager but received a "slim-line" instead), good Cracker Jack prizes (my favorites: the circus wagon cars), bandstands (we had a raised wooden platform, painted green in the city park where I grew up-we gathered there on warm summer evenings to hear local musicians. It was also the place where my sister and I would pretend we were girlfriends of the Beatles and we would haul park benches onto the stage to form our "apartments"). A fun read to resurrect memories and to spark conversation with other family members.

Wednesday, November 17th: Julie Klamm, "YOU HAD ME AT WOOF-How dogs taught me the secret of happiness".
A fun little book about the pets in our lives, what they can teach us.

Thursday, November 18th: Christine Lindner, this year's Alice in Dairyland will be in studio to talk about the "Something Special from Wisconsin" program-just in time for holiday gift giving...

Friday, November 19th: Debbie Macomber, "GOD'S GUEST LIST", a FANTASTIC read! Debbie makes you think about all the people God has placed in your life for various reasons...It will really give you reason to pause, take stock and look at your relationships in a new way...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gratitude and Guests

Today's Quote:
Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it."-William Arthur Ward

I spoke with Walter Green today in the "Book Nook" segment. Walter has writtten a very powerful book, "THIS IS THE MOMENT". He recorded his year long journey (victory lap as he calls it), contacting 44 individuals who impacted his life. The book is divided into three sections: how and why he chose to make this voyage, his life story and the final section gives the reader helpful hints and tips on how to arrange your own "journey". You don't have to contact 44 people. Just start with one. His website can get you started and in this season of "Thankfulness" ...why not give it a try.
His website is

We also implemented a new feature on the show-"Morning Blend with Marsha". Marsha Egan is a business efficiency expert and she will be my guest every 3rd Monday to discuss topics that will help us all achieve our best personal, professional and organizational goals.
For more information on Marsha, check out her website: . Today, Marsha gave great tips on email.
  • Avoid using reply all.
  • Copy fewer people-copy only people in critical need of the info.
  • Stop using BCC. Blind copies are secretive.
  • Avoid one-word responses. You don't need to reply "Thank-you" or "Great" or "OK".
  • Resist forwarding. You don't need to send it on to clutter up someone else's email box.
  • Don't send email when angry or emotional.
  • Pick up the phone. Sometimes messages need to be finalized with a quick phone call.

And if you are expecting holiday guests (for either Thanksgiving or Christmas), keep these tips in mind...

  • Test drive the guest room. (Sleep in the bed. Is it comfy? Fix drafty windows, make sure the room is dark enough for sleeping). Get an alarm clock that works and have enough blankets
  • Create space. Free up areas in the closet and dresser
  • Jazz thins up. Add some magazines or books you think they might be interested in.
  • Take inventory. Do you have enough towels, sheets, air mattresses, etc. Don't buy-borrow from a friend.
  • Lay out entertainment. T.V. remote, board games, movies, etc.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Nook guests this week

This week I have a slate of very interesting guests:

Monday, November 8th: Walter Green, "THIS IS THE MOMENT"Walter takes us with him on his "journey" or "victory lap" as he calls it.He visits 44 individuals who have impacted his life and he talks about the benefits of gratitude.

We also will kick off our "Morning Blend with Marsha" segments today. Marsha Egan is a Business Efficiency Expert and she'll be sharing tips and ways we can improve our personal and professional goals. Today we'll be discussing email and how it can waste our time/productivity.

Tuesday, November 8th: Paul Huljich (pronounced hugh-litch) will discuss his debut novel "BETRAYAL OF LOVE AND FREEDOM". Paul was a very successful entrepeneur, worth nearly $100 million at the height of his career and by age 45 it all unraveled. He was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He experienced a mental breakdown, lost his rights as a citizen and was made a ward of the state. Twelve years later, he has found a natural cure for his disorder and continues to be symptom free. His novel is loosely based on his life...

Thursday, November 11th: Doug Shauer, "IF I'M SO SMART, WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO". A very timely book that can help give better fiscal directions for all of us

Friday, November 12th: Sheila Roberts, "The Snow Globe". Should be a fun interview with one of my favorite authors. Sheila is an accomplished best-selling novelist. she has published 27 books in the past 22 years. This novel is a fun "Christmas" story about the spirit of giving, and why we must believe in ourselves.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sweet Treats and Sandwiches

Today is National Sandwich Day, so celebrate by sampling something you’ve never tried before; inventing a new kind; or simply enjoying your favorite. Did you know that the first sandwich is said to have been made by the ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder, who is said to have put meat from the Paschal lamb and bitter herbs inside matzo (or flat, unleavened bread) during Passover?

There are so many types of sandwiches: Au jus, Club, Cheesesteak, Dagwood, Fluffernutter (one of MY favorites!), grilled (as in cheese), PB & J, Po ‘boy, Rueben, Sub and Tea sandwiches, just to name a few.

The craziest sandwich I ever heard about was a “Mustard/Chocolate Star” combination between two slices of white bread. Today on the program a listener called in to say that her sister has always loved “mayonnaise and pickles”. What’s your favorite sandwich? Or the craziest combo you’ve ever eaten?

A listener shared a "sweet treat" idea for the holidays. (See photo above.)Very easy to assemble and young helpers in the kitchen would have fun making - AND EATING! these! They are "adorable". Almost too cute to eat.
Christmas Mice
1 (12oz,) pkg. of semisweet chocolate chips
1 jar 10 oz maraschino cherries with stems, drained and patted dry
36 milk chocolate Kisses with stripes (“Hugs”)
Sliced almonds
Place chocolate in microwave safe bowl. Microwave on HIGH for1 minute stirring twice.
For each mouse, dip cherry by stem into melted chocolate to coat. Place coated cherry on a large baking sheet. Immediately press the flat bottom of a chocolate kiss up against the cherry to form the head. Insert two almond slices between head and body to form ears. The stem will become the tail. Use a toothpick and dip in melted chocolate to make eyes & on the tip of the kiss to make a nose. (Or use a plastic bag, snipped, filled with chocolate and squeeze the amount out to form eyes and nose). Chill mice in refrigerator about 15 minutes or until chocolate is set. Remove from pan with a thin spatula. Put in airtight container and cover. (Store for up to two days in refrigerator). Yield: 36 mice.

Hassle Free Holiday Tip:
Use boxed cake mixes or pre-made cookie dough to jump start your holiday baking. Better Homes and Gardens has a great website with 100 days of Holiday Ideas. Baking, cooking, decorating and other tips all available at their website. See recipe below for “Chocolate Chip Kisses”.

Chocolate Chip Kisses
1 (18 oz.) pkg. refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
¼ tsp. ground cardamom
¼ tsp. ground nutmeg
32 milk chocolate kisses
Powdered sugar
Preheat oven to 375. In large resealable bag, combine cookie dough, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg; seal bag. Using your hands, squeeze and knead dough mixture together in bag until combined. Remove dough from bag. Shape dough into 1” balls. Place 2” apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until edges are light brown. Immediately press a kiss into center of each cookie. Transfer to wire rack and let cool. Sift powdered sugar over cooled cookies. Makes 32 cookies. (To store: layer cookies between waxed paper in airtight container; cover. Store at room temperature for up to 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months).