Sunday, November 7, 2010

Book Nook guests this week

This week I have a slate of very interesting guests:

Monday, November 8th: Walter Green, "THIS IS THE MOMENT"Walter takes us with him on his "journey" or "victory lap" as he calls it.He visits 44 individuals who have impacted his life and he talks about the benefits of gratitude.

We also will kick off our "Morning Blend with Marsha" segments today. Marsha Egan is a Business Efficiency Expert and she'll be sharing tips and ways we can improve our personal and professional goals. Today we'll be discussing email and how it can waste our time/productivity.

Tuesday, November 8th: Paul Huljich (pronounced hugh-litch) will discuss his debut novel "BETRAYAL OF LOVE AND FREEDOM". Paul was a very successful entrepeneur, worth nearly $100 million at the height of his career and by age 45 it all unraveled. He was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He experienced a mental breakdown, lost his rights as a citizen and was made a ward of the state. Twelve years later, he has found a natural cure for his disorder and continues to be symptom free. His novel is loosely based on his life...

Thursday, November 11th: Doug Shauer, "IF I'M SO SMART, WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO". A very timely book that can help give better fiscal directions for all of us

Friday, November 12th: Sheila Roberts, "The Snow Globe". Should be a fun interview with one of my favorite authors. Sheila is an accomplished best-selling novelist. she has published 27 books in the past 22 years. This novel is a fun "Christmas" story about the spirit of giving, and why we must believe in ourselves.

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