Thursday, June 17, 2010

Brainstorms and Brussel Sprouts

The brain is such a marvelous, amazing organ. Dr. Eric Maisel talked about his new book, "BRAINSTORM: HARNESSING THE POWER OF PRODUCTIVE OBSESSIONS". His book is easy to read and understand in this provacative, practical guide you can learn to :
  • get more done
  • have less anxiety
  • cultivate more creativity and happiness as you pursue your goals

You can find more information at either of his websites: or

We also spoke with Dr. Brenda Shoshana, a practicing psychologist and therapist about her new book, "FEARLESS: THE 7 PRINCIPLES OF PEACE OF MIND". The premise of her book is that you can harness your fears and turn them into strengths. Again, another good read. Very thought-provoking!

Today is Fresh Veggie Day. A great time to select a vegetable that you have never tried before.... like Brussels Sprouts!

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