Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Books and Bugs

OK, vacation is over. Time to get back to "blogging". I was in beautiful door county helping my sister prepare for her only daughter's high school graduation. We made our lists, did the grocery shopping, prepared the foods (and even had time for a pedicure that was a generous gift from my aunt in Chicago-Thanks, Aunt Bonnie!).

Last week was spent playing "catch-up" here at work and spending time with my oldest daughter who was home for a few days before heading north to spend the weekend with her high school girlfriends. They all turn 30 this year, and wanted to mark the occassion in a special way. It's good to make time for friends and family-they comprise the fabric of our lives...

I have a great line up in the "Book Nook" segment of the show this week.

Yesterday we talked with Patrick Robinson, about his newest novel, "INTERCEPT". Patrick has written many "thrillers" and his latest is all about al-Qaeda terrorists. This isn't my usual "genre" but the book is a real page turner. It highlights the stark reality that it's not the men and women running for office that can protect us; but the military, the CIA and the Special Forces Commanders who will be in place long after the politicians are gone. A great gift for Dad, too!
Another great gift for Dad might be Brad Meltzer's new book, "HEROES FOR MY SON". Brad is also a well-known suspense novelist. This book however, was written for his son and showcases a collection of 52 men and women; familiar and unknown, historical and contemporary. I loved everything about the book; from the cover to the use of photo corners on the black and white pictures to the font that looks like he used an old-fashioned typewriter. Brad also includes his mother and grandfather and provides a final page for you to place a photo of your "hero" and space to write why. Again, this would make an excellent gift for a Dad, a grad or anyone who is a special part of your life.

Today I spoke with Michael McQueen, a Sydney-based speaker, social researcher and business owner. His book (or journal really), is titled "MEMENTO" and offers a way for younger generations to connect with their parents and grandparents. This incredible journal begins each page with a thought-provoking question that will coax life stories from loved ones and will become a treasured keepsake.

Wednesday, we'll be talking with Melissa d'Arabian (host of the Food Network's $10 dinners)
Thursday, we'll feature Dr. Eric Maisel who will discuss his new book "BRAINSTORM", and how we can harness productive obsessions. Also, Dr. Brenda Shoshana will talk to us about her new book "FEARLESS", and how we can discover our strenghts through our fears.
We'll wrap things up on Friday with Todd Davis. His book, "HANDYDAD". His book showcases 25 projects that dads can do with their kids.

We talked about carpenter ants today and how to get rid of them. I found out that in order to really get rid of them, you need to find the nest and kill the queen. Then and ONLY THEN will you rid your house of carpenter ants. Happy Hunting!

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