Monday, July 26, 2010

Pickles and Puffs!

Cream Puffs, that is...

Christine Lindner, Alice in Dairyland for 2010, was my guest on the show today. She is the ambassador for Wisconsin agriculture and during the next year will log more than 40,000 miles traveling Wisconsin to promote our great state. Did you know that Wisconsin is the #1 cheese producer in the world? It would take over 2 years to taste all the varieties of cheese that are manufactured here. We also talked about the world reknown "Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs", AND she even brought some in for us to enjoy! Believe me, they were soooooo yummy!

Baking tip: When making your own cream puffs, always use a wooden spoon, not a metal one to ensure best results!

We also spent quite a bit of time sharing pickle recipes. It's getting to be the time of year for canning and preserving. The "Ice Cream Pail Pickle" recipe is always a hit because it's easy to make and results in quite a large amount.

We've also shared methods for freezing cucumbers, pickles in a crock and quick mustard pickles.

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