Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunburn Solutions and S'mores

"Phrase of Fire" Contest
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Today kicks off our "Phrase of Fire" contest for the Fireside Theater. Be sure to check my blog each day this week, collect the pieces of the puzzle and at the end of the week, assemble all parts of the phrase into the one we are looking for. Email your phrase to with your name, address and phone number. You could be the lucky winner of 2 tickets to see the Johnny Cash show now playing at the Fireside. I've heard it's a terrific production with over 36 of his songs. So keep checking everyday...

Today we talked about solutions for sunburn pain. If you've been out in the sun lately or a family member has a bad sunburn here are a few solutions:

  • Place white vinegar (undiluted) in a bowl. Soak a towel in the vinegar, ring out and place on the affected area until the cloth turns warm. Repeat the procedure until the skin is no longer hot. The vinegar relieves the pain, eliminates the heat and will prevent your skin from blistering. (You can also use vinegar and a cottom ball).
  • Cover the sunburn with "Baby Magic" baby lotion
  • Pop a Vitamin E capsule (or use liquid Vitamin E). Spread over the sunburn for relief and to ward off the chance of infections.
  • Bactine also works. (Remember the distinctive smell of bactine. My mom soothed cuts and sunburns with this product!)

I also shared lots of great dessert recipes for the grill. The open flame is a great way to bring out the sweet flavors of fresh fruit, poundcake, and more for some very tasty treats.

Banana Split S’mores

6 bananas, in the skin ½ c. chocolate chips
½ c. mini marshmallows 6 large graham crackers
Set or light grill to medium heat, or build a small campfire. Make long slit in each banana from end to end, through the skin and down to, but not through, the skin on the other side. Gently push in on either end to open the banana. Divide chocolate chips and mini marshmallows among bananas, pressing with your fingers to fit as much as possible (It’s OK if the banana smushes a bit). Wrap each banana in aluminum foil and place on center of grill or around perimeter of fire. Cook 5 minutes, or until chips and marshmallows are melted and banana is warm. Serve immediately with graham crackers for dipping. Yield: 6 servings. 210 calories, 6g fat, 0mg chol; 3g protein, 42g carbs, 4 g fiber, 5mg sodium.

(You might want to try these tucked inside a banana on the grill; brie or goat cheese, honey, almonds, white chocolate, caramel sauce, dried cranberries, candied ginger, gingersnaps and/or coconut)

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