Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot Dogs and Headaches

Today is National Hot Dog Day.
Did you know that someone has come up with
Here are the "do's and dont's" when eating hot dogs:
  • Don't put toppings between the hot dog and the bun. You need to always "dress the dog".
  • Don't use a cloth napkin to wipe your mouth-paper is always preferable
  • Don't take more than five bites to finish. For a foot-long wiener, seven bites are acceptable
  • Don't leave bits of bun on your plate. EAT IT ALL!
  • Don't use ketchup on your hot dog after the age of 18. Mustard, relish, onions, cheese and chili are all acceptable-no matter what your age.
  • Do eat hot dogs with your hands. Untensils should not touch the dog or the bun!
  • Do use paper plates. Every day dishes are acceptable; china is a no-no
  • Do apply condiments in the following order: mustard and chili should be applied first, (wet ingredients) - followed by the "chunky" ingredients such as relish, onion and sauerkraut, followed by shredded cheese, and topped off with spices like celery salt or pepper.

And of course, DON'T ever think there is a wrong time to serve hot dogs!

The other day we talked about headaches. If you suffer from migraines, you probably know how to avoid "trigger" foods such as aged cheese, alcohol, chocolate, coffee, citrus fruits and processed foods. Skipping meals can also cause a headache. There are foods that can help ease migraine pain. The next time you feel one coming on, load up on foods high in magnesium and calcium such as spinach, kale or broccoli. Some people also find relief from ginger. Try ginger ale made with real ginger, or drink cups of ginger tea. Other foods that might be beneficial include garlic, oatmeal, fish, grapes and cayenne pepper. Give it a try!

"LITTLE BITS" shared by listeners today: For relief from poison ivy: Wash infected areas with Felds Naphtha soap to cleanse and disinfect then wipe with Real Lemon Juice (bottled kind)

For relief from itchy bug bites: Dissolve 2 antacid tablets in a glass of water, then dab the solution on the itchy spot to soothe the skin.

For healthier rosebushes: Plant a banana peel at the base of your rosebush, an inch down in the soil. The potassium feeds the plant and helps fend off diseases.

Coring strawberries: Pluck the leaves and stem from berry. Using a plastic drinking straw, tunnel through the berry from top to bottom to remove the core. Works great!

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