Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May is the month for many celebrations including Mother's Day and I am blogging this at almost the end of the month!

Experts say it takes 21 days to create a "habit" and so I am really going to try to blog for the next 21 days. My thought is that after 3 weeks, I will have carved out time in my hectic, busy day and I will be more inclined to be sure to get my thoughts down regarding the show, or the books I've read, or the interesting bits of information I can share with you.

I've had some GREAT interviews and read some very interesting books this month.
If you are looking for a great birthday gift for a girlfriend, sister or just a great read for yourself get a copy of "Life's Too Short to fold Fitted Sheets"-by Lisa Quinn. There are some great shortcuts and tips for cleaning, entertaining and just getting yourself a little more organized without feeling that you have to "do it all". Lisa also gives permission for "Tiara Time" - a chapter in the book that you will want to check out.

"How to have your second child first" by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen, is a great book for first time parents. The book is sprinkled with humor and lots of practical tips and advice. Tip #1 is: you don't need to buy all that stuff!" It's a great reference book for both MOM and DAD.

While reading "52 Loaves, by William Alexander", I had the strongest urge for a piece of fresh baked, crusty, warm, French bread! William covers the 6000 year history of a food that uses only four ingredients: flour, salt, water and yeast. He sets out trying to bake the "perfect loaf of bread (one loaf per week) and chronicles his journey to achieve his quest.

Whether you are a history buff, a poetry lover, or follower of Emily Dickenson, you may want to pick up a copy of "Maid as Muse", by Aife Murray. She shows us how the servants in Emily Dickenson's life influenced her life and the poetry she wrote. Beside her poetry, Emily Dickensen was also a wonderful baker and included in the book are many of her recipes.

If you're ready to start your spring cleaning (the weather hasn't really been warm enough for me to tackle my windows!), you can clean almost everything in your home with plain soap, baking soda and vinegar.
Kitchen and bathroom floors: (not recommended for wood floors): Use vinegar, either straight or mixed with water. Vinegar and a stiff brush will work great for cleaning grout as well.
Sinks: make your own sink scrub with one part vinegar and flour parts baking soda. Scrub on the paste, let sit for a few minutes and rinse.
Tubs and toilets: Spray with vinegar; sprinkle with baking soda. Scrub and rinse clean.
Windows: Spray with vinegar; wipe with crumpled newspaper or a lint-free towel. Avoid streaks by not clenaing windows in direct sunlight.
Carpets: To absorb odors, shake baking soda over carpet; then vacuum. For spot cleaning, spray vinegar and scrub with clean towel. Don't worry about the vinegar smell, it won't last long.

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