Friday, May 28, 2010

Mowing and Memorial Day

Today I welcomed Amy Beneventi as a guest host. We had fun and learned quite a bit from our guests.

Dr. Trey Rogers, talked to us about the Briggs and Stratton "Yard Smarts Boot Camp" for 2010. They are looking for 12 recruits who will learn what it takes to have a great looking yard at home by applying their new knowledge and skills to improve and beautify a community green space chosen from public nominations. If you'd like to learn more about the contest, go to: Dr. Rogers also talked about the simple and easy ways to have a great lawn for about $100.00.

  • Mow the right way. Don't scalp the lawn thinking you have to mow less. (Something I confess, I have done in the past!)

  • Apply a few bags of mulch. It provides a finished look and is good for plants because it helps them retain moisture in the soil

  • Fertilize naturally. It's OK to leave a light layer of grass clippings on the lawn after you mow.

  • Start a compost pile.

  • Take 30 minute to maintain your mower. You should do this in spring, before the mowing season starts. Change the oil, clean or replace the spark plug and change the fileter. This could save on major repair bills down the road

  • Let nature water. Your lawn only needs about 1" of water per week to be green and to thrive. So let nature handle the irrigation, unless you are in a drought situation

For more information, you can check Dr. Rogers website at

During the last twenty minutes of the show, Gail Nampel stopped by. She is a member of the Dodge County Master Gardeners and told us about the Digital Photography Workshop and Critique Session that is coming up on Saturday, June 19th at 1pm at the Administration Building in Juneau. The deadline for submitting your photos is Monday, June 7th and anyone can participate. The photos don't have to come from your garden and you don't need to be a member of the Master Gardeners. You can get much more information at

If you'd like to become a Master Gardener, or what just like to find out more about the organization, you can attend a meeting. They are held on the last Thursday of the month (January through October) and begin at 6:30pm in the Administration Building in Juneau.

This monday is Memorial Day.

It's more than just a day off work. It's a time to remember those who valiantly gave their lives for our freedom. If you can not attend an area service, take time to give quiet thanks for all those brave men and women who paid the ulitmate sacrifice ...

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