Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Watermelon Wednesday

Ahhhh! The sweet taste of summer!

Even thought summer hasn't yet officially arrived, you can get a taste of it when biting into a sweet, juicy chunk of red, ripe watermelon. Whether you are selecting one from a farmers market or at the grocery store, here's what to look for if you want to experience the BEST flavor:

1. Press fingers and thumbs into skin from all angles. A good
watermelon should be hard all around.
2. Give it a few taps with your knuckles or the pads of your
fingers. A winning watermelon will typically have a slight
hollow sound upon tapping.
3. Look for mean green. Dark shades of green typically
indicate an optimal combination of sun and water while the
melon was growing.
4. Once you bring it home, leave it on counter for a day or
two. The Nutrient value and flavor is best when eaten
at room temperature.

If you're selecting cantaloupe, choose fruit with even coloring. Compare the skin to that of other fruits. It should be on the dark side and free of bruises or irregularities. It should also be heavier than it looks, so don't be afraid to pick it up out of the bin. Lightly tap the fruit with your fingertip. If it sounds hollow-it is ripe

We held our last "Garden Doctor" program of the season today.
Dick Zondag, of Jung's Garden Center in Randolph comes in every Wednesday during spring for a thirty minute show. He takes questions on gardening, trees, shrubs, plants, etc. and will answer questions. It's hard to believe spring is almost over but the final Garden Doctor program is a sure sign that summer is almost here....

....just like watermelon!

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