Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pyramids and Playing Games

How would you rate your vocabulary? Good? Great? Stupendous?
I thought mine was pretty good. I usually do well on the Reader's Digest words/vocab page but I found out differently after reading "THE WORD PYRAMID".

Marissa Hirsch, a 2011 graduate of Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Liconshire, Illinois got the idea for this book when she was in middle school, worked on the book for about a year and published it when she was 16. Marissa believes that just like the old adage "you are what you eat" it is also true that "you are what you speak".

If your communications skills and vocabulary are exemplary, you'll go farther in life. Her book is a handy little guide destined to help enrich your vocabulary and utilize the expressive power of the English language. She's grouped the pyramids into three categories: Body, Mind and World and has rated each one. Level "F" is the most common, least effect form and Level "A" is the highest level. For example: the pyramid she showcases is Clothing. The most common word is clothing (grade F), dress (grade E), fashion (grade D), outerwear (grade C), tabby (grade B) and toggery, habiliments and tatterdemalion (all grade A).

It's a fun little book, and also one that you can use to impress and influence others and to "provoke a battalogical epiphany, inducing a metamorphosis in your personal liguistic zetigiest"

We had great fun on the program today because it was "Recess at Work" day and the question I posed to my listeners was this: "What is your favorite childhood game". Either played at recess or during the long summer break.

Do you remember "Annie, Annie Over"? We used to play that with a softball, or sometimes our kickball. You called out the phrase, sent the ball over the roof of the garage and if it wasn't caught, one person from that side was "out".
Or how about "Red Rover", "Red Light/Green Light", "Kick the Can", "Captain May I?", "Miss and Switch", "Pom Pom Pullaway" and "Chalk the Rabbit"? We also got responses like "Hopscotch", "Kickball", "Four Square", "Tetherball" and "Crack the Whip".
One of our family favorites in summertime was "What Color is my Bird?" On a hot summer afternoon we'd assemble on the steps of our front porch. One person held the glass of water and spoon and thought of a color. He/She would go down the line, asking each of us if we knew the color of the bird they were thinking of. The person who guessed correctly would get one spoonful of water splashed on them (to help cool off during those hot sumer days). It was lots of fun, although sometimes we would get carried away and throw the full cup of water at someone. NOT a good idea-even if it was really warm!
We would also have marathon kickball games in the backyard. We'd gather all the neighbors, lay out the bases and boundaries in our backyard and play all day. We'd break for lunch and then come back at it again! Good Times that's for sure!
Do you have fond memories of games you used to play?

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