Monday, June 13, 2011

Money and Mishaps

Today I spoke with Karen McCall, author of 'FINANCIAL DISCOVERY-DEVELOPING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY". Karen is the founder of The Financial Recovery Institute and has been working with many different individuals for over twenty years. She doesn't guarantee that the book will make you a millionaire-well it might, but she makes no promises! Many American have gotten used t living way above their means, maxing out credit cards and living the high life. Whether you are a young person just starting your career path, or someone who is already living on a tight budget, or even someone unaffected by the current economic crisis, we can all benefit from Karen's difficult life lessons and fninacial triumphs. Her book showcases stories of hope from all walks of life.
Karen says we need to look at our beliefs, our emotional connection with money and finances and the biggest mistake we make is when we are in a "state of denial"-a "money coma". This is a great book if you just need a little push in the right direction for controlling your finances or if you need help in a BIG way. You can check out more information at her website:

Today was "Kitchen Klutz's of America" day. We talked about various kitchen mishaps and I posed the question both on air and on "Facebook"- What is your most recent (or most memorable) kitchen mishap? I got a lot of great response from my listeners
-sirloin tips made with brown sugar
-eclair dessert made with farm fresh whole milk-tasted like soap suds
-caramel apple salad made with Cool Whip-Lite (to save calories) and it turned to "soup"
-made lasagna and forgot to add the noodles
-made a cherry pie when first married. seemed to take all day to prepare. when ready to put in oven, noticed that there was flour on bottom of pie plate. tried to wipe it off by raising it up over head and of course lost control and it fell to the floor!
-using salt instead of sugar when making sugar cookies
-using soap flakes instead of instant mashed potato flakes

I've had a number of mishaps...
A few of the most memorable:
-making chili for the very first time. I put everything in the crock pot (uncooked macaroni included!) When I went to check it a few hours later, the pasta had absorbed all the liquid and it was one big bowl of "mush"!

-making a broccoli slaw salad that I had gotten from my sister. I bought all the ingredients at the store, assembled it and took it to a family get together. My brother took one bite and hit a sunflower seed. I had used the kind that were in the shell-(didn't even know you could get the other kind!) and I hadn't bothered to remove the shells! We still laugh about this one.

What is your favorite kitchen mishap? Let me know....

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