Monday, May 9, 2011

Trials, Tubas and Tea

On Friday I had a chance to speak with Michael Griesbach, Assistant District Attorney for Manitowoc County and author of, "UNREASONABLE INFERENCES: THE STEVEN AVERY STORY UNVEILED".

You may recall that Steven Avery was wrongly accused of sexual assault back in 1985 in Manitowoc. He was sent to prison and served 18 years before he was released-mainly due to new ways to test DNA. Then, two years later he was arrested (and subsequently) convicted for the murder of a young woman from Green Bay. The book focuses on innocence and guilt and on the specific misconduct on the part of the former Manitowoc County prosecutor and Sheriff. A fascinating, up-close look at our justice system. If you're interested in real-life crime stories, this one's for you. It also gives you a little better background into an event that was an important part of our Wisconsin history. If you want to pick up a copy of Mike's book, stop in at BookWorld, in Beaver Dam or Watertown Book World- they have it in stock.

TUBA DAY is always celebrated on the First Friday in May and was founded by Joel Day in 1979. He was a high school tuba player, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started the holiday as a result of a lack of respect for tubas and tuba players. Did you know that tubas can weight between 12-50 pounds? That the first tuba was patented in 1835 in Germany? And that the deep sounds provide a lot of character and "oomph" to concert music? Here's to all tuba players!

Did you play a musical instument while in school?

And finally....

National Beverage Day was also observed on Friday. What's your favorite? Tea? Iced or otherwise? Coffee-Starbucks or homebrew? Beer? Soda? Wine? I'm a "Pepper" as I love the taste of DR. PEPPER!

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