Sunday, May 1, 2011

Book Nook Line up for this week:

Monday, May 2nd at 10:05am:
Elizabeth Carlson, "SCREAM QUIETLY", a personal account of how the author and her family survived and escaped Nazi Poland during WWII. Elizabeth now resides in northern Wisconsin and she will be at the Randolph Evangelical Free Church on Saturday, May 7th at 7pm to do a presentation and book signing.
Monday, May 2nd at 10:35am
Jerol Anderson, "IS IT SAFE?", another local author (Cambridge, WI) whose mystery novel is about a young woman who goes into the Witness Protection Program after seeing a murder. Jerol will be at Watertown BookWorld this Saturday, May 7th from 10:30am-2pm.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 10:05 am
Richard Courtney and George Cassidy, "COME TOGETHER: BUSINESS WISDOM OF THE BEATLES". We'll be talking with George about the lessons today's entrepeneurs and business leaders can draw from the failures and triumphs of the most famous musical group.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 10:35am:
Aaron McCargo, Jr., author of "SIMPLY DONE, WELL DONE". Aaron is a chef on the Food Network and has a great new cookbook that he'll be talking about.

Wednesday, May 4th: 10:05am
Mary Lou Retton (of Olympic Gold fame!) will be on the program to talk about a cause near and dear to her heart ~ Special Olympics.

Thursday, May 5th, I'll be doing my show LIVE from Hoekstra's Market and Greenhouses in Randolph, so if you're in the vicinity, stop in to say "Hi!"

Friday, May 6th, 10:05am
Michael Griesbach, author of "UNREASONABLE INFERNECES" is the facinating story of the Steven Avery murder case and the events of the previous twenty years.

Lots of great interviews this week...

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