Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Money and Makeup

Today's guest in the "Book Nook" segment was Herb Phillips. We had a facinating conversation regarding his book, "MOMMA ALWAYS SAID, 'PAY YOURSELF FIRST'". If you are looking for ways to attain your financial goals, or just want to start saving a little bit each week, you've got to get Herb's book. It is a common sense, easy to read, easy to understand approach to saving.

Herb is a retired United States Air Force officer. He served his country for more than 30 years as a Personnel Officer in Human Resources and has spent countless hours counseling enlisted members and officers in financial matters. He shares personal stories and experiences and weaves his wit, wisdom, throughout each chapter.

  • The book is filled with lots of great advice. Herb says you need to:
    pay yourself first
  • be disciplined
  • be persistent
  • realize that you don't need a lot of money to get started
  • AND that it's never too late to begin!

Last Friday, I had a fun conversation with Carmindy-"Makeup Artist to the Stars" and celebrity makeup artist on the hit the television show, "What Not To Wear". We talked about fall fashion trends.

Thanks to the pop culture influence of popular shows such as "Mad Men" we're going to see dramatic cat eyes and iconic red lips set the tone for makeup this fall. Carmindy said that everyone can wear red lipstick, it's just a matter of the right coloration.
If you have a light skin tone, you'll want cherry red lip color; medium skin tones-fire engine red and darker skin tones-blood red lipstick

As far as fashion goes, you'll see a reemergence of styles from the 50's and 60's. they will however be more updated. Body hugging fashions, higher necklines, more conservative styles and high boots are just a few of the trends.

Todays Kitchen Tip:

If you're trying to slice an ice cream cake try this: Fill a bowl with hot water. Make your first cut through the frozen cake with a knife; dip the knife in the hot water before making a second slice. the hot knife will slice right through the frozen ice cream and the crust with a minimum of effort.

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