Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day and Laundry

Labor Day marks the end of summer (well almost!) and although we should have some warm days left it's time to think about getting out the sweaters, sweatshirts and warmer clothing. It's also time to get those heavier comforters back on the bed. In fact, I got my down comforter out of storage, aired it on the line on Saturday and snuggled all comfy, cozy that night.

Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors on the trees, the crisp, acrid smell of burning leaves and wood burning in the fireplace; of soups, stews, homemade applesauce with cinnamon; pumpking bars and all those wonderful fall foods. The weather is sunny and mild during the day, and cooler in the evenings. Ahhhhhh great things to look forward to!

Last week I shared some tips on how to dry laundry faster. I love to hang sheets on the line and try to do so for as long as I can. If you want to save money try using a clothesline but if you don't have room or don't have a clothesline try these

  • Put heavy clothes and towels through a second spin cycle on a top-loading washer or a "drain & spin" cycle on a front loader.
  • When one load is done in the dryer, add the next load ASAP-a hot dryer is more efficient than a cold one
  • Add a dry towel to a wet load; it will absorb the dampness and help get items toastier, faster!
  • Add 1/2 c. vinegar to your load of towels or demin if you're going to hang on the line. They will dry nice and soft!

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