Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Nook guests this week

A full schedule awaits this week with some great guests:

Tuesday, September 7th-

Kathy Hetzel from the UW-Extension office will talk about the 2010 Dodge County Clean Sweep Program scheduled for Friday, September 17th and Saturday, September 18th. Tune in to find out what items will be accepted...

Wednesday, September 8th-

John Shors-"THE WISHING TREES"- an AMAZING book that I just finished reading. The novel is about love, loss, hope and wishes. Ian and his 11 year old daughter Mattie (having recently buried their wife/mother) journey together through Japan, Tibet, Hong Kong and many other Asian countries trying to find joy and happiness once again.

Thursday, September 9th-

Susan Butler-"WOMEN COUNT- A GUIDE TO CHANGING THE WORLD" will talk about women in business, as entrepreneurs and how things have changed over the years. She'll also talk about what women can expect in the future...Should be a very interesting interview...

and on Friday, September 10th-

We will speak with CARMINDY-of "WHAT NOT TO WEAR". She'll be discussing fall fashions and trends.

It should be a GREAT week!

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