Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bikes and Blizzards

Since I began hosting "The Idea Exchange", I have read many books. (89 during my first year - 2009, and 123 during 2010. If you only read one (1) book this year, this is the one!

I was very pleased to be able to talk with Mark Scharenbroich, an emmy award winning keynote speaker and humorist about his new book, "NICE BIKE: MAKING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS ON THE ROAD OF LIFE". The book details 3 powerful actions that will transform your business relationships, improve your productivity, develop higher levels of customer engagement and will also help you connect in your personal relationships as well. The three basic principles are:

*Acknowledge-make the extra effort to be more aware of others.

*Honor-recognize what is important to the other person and be an active listener.

*Connect-show appreciation, say 'thank-you' and take time to connect.

Mark says he first got the idea for the book when he came to Wisconsin for a speaking engagement in Neenah. It was the week of Harley Davidson's 100th anniversary celebration and he noticed that when "bikers" greeted other bikers, they always started the conversation with "Nice Bike". He realized that by acknowledging and then recognizing what is important to others gives us a way to connect. Mark weaves many stories that showcase these concepts.

The idea is so simple...

I believe this should be required reading for every supervisor, manager and CEO as well as every employee, parent, teenager and spouse. It is going to be my "go-to" birthday gift for everyone on my list this year because it is INCREDIBLE.

~"Nice Bike, Mark Scharenbroich"~

Here in Wisconsin we are just coming out of a HUGE winter snowstorm-of blizzard proportions! We received about 11 1/2" of snow here in Beaver Dam, (many other places received more), wind gusts hit 45 miles an hour and road conditions were the worst we've seen in a decade. There were over 160 run-offs during the past 2 days in our county and some people spent Tuesday night stuck in their car! Of course, here at the radio station, we never close. I was here early on Tuesday and even earlier on Wednesday morning to field all the snow related cancellations/closings and delays. News reports say that this storm hit 30 states and affected over 1 million people! Were you one of them? Do you have a story that you'll be able to tell your grandchildren some day?
I am thankful that everyone I know stayed safe and I am very grateful to my neighbor. He used his snowblower to clear my driveway both Tuesday and Wednesday!


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