Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where did the time go? Last time I "blogged" it was the beginning of October and now it's the start of November. Guess I took my "birthday month" off !
A quick recap of authors I interviewed in October:
  • Chip Haynes has a very provacative book regarding "Peak Oil". "Peak of the Devil: 100 questions (and answers) about Peak Oil. He covers all angles of our dependency on oil; how it affects almost everything we touch and offers some intereseting suggestions about what we can do.
  • Jack La Lanne and his lovely wife Elaine. We talked about the release of his "Better Balance for Life" kit. At 96, he's still going stong! As the "Godfather of Fitness", he's accomplished so many things. AND he and Elaine have been married for 62 years.
  • Chad Lewis has written about the paranormal for many years. His newest book, "Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations" has some very interesting stories...
  • Bonnie Taub-Dix has a very interesting book about reading and deciphering food labels. "Read it Before you Eat it" is easy to read, easy to understand and probably something we all should look at just a little bit more closely
  • "Southern Pies" is a beautiful book all about pies! Nancy McDermott shares the recipe, and also the story behind it as well. Beautifully photographed and will some sinfully delicious pies. A great gift for that special baker or cook on your Christmas list.

And those are just a few of the highlights!

I also participated in the first Women's Expo held here in Beaver Dam. It was well attended and I had lots of fun meeting my listeners and sharing recipe ideas for Halloween.

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