Thursday, August 19, 2010

Salt, Safety and Summer Fun

According to Salt Institute there are over 14,000 ways to use this common and readily available mineral. For thousands of years salt, (sodium chloride) has been used to preserve food and for cleaning. You might want to try these tips next time you pull the salt shaker out of the cupboard....
Test egg freshness: 2 tsp. in cup of water. Place egg in cup. Fresh egg will sink, older egg will float b/c air cell in egg increases as it ages, and older egg is more buoyant
Shell nuts more easily: soak pecans or walnuts in salt water for several hours before shelling to make it easier to remove the meat
Remove odors from hands: you can wash with soap and water and then rub hands on stainless steel to get rid of odors or rub fingers with salt and a vinegar combo to remove garlic-onion smells
Extend the life of cheese: prevent mold on cheese by wrapping in a cloth moistened with saltwater before refrigerating
Save the bottom of your oven: if a pie or casserole bubbles over in oven, place handful of salt on top of spill. It won’t smoke and smell, and it will bake into a crust that makes the baked on mess much easier to clean when it has cooled

If you have college bound students in your household and you're busy gathering all those supplies sheets, towels, fan, as well as all the other "stuff" you might want to also talk to your student about keeping their "stuff" and themselves safe on campus.

· Many freshmen like to adopt an “open-door” policy but this is an invitation to would be thieves
· If you have computer or laptop, tether it to something solid using a security cable. Or motion sensors for laptops are also available
· For small valuables, keep in a trunk. It can also double as a nightstand
· Room safes have been scaled down to look less intimidating
· If roommate loses their key, don’t leave door open; contact resident assistant to get new lock and key
· Keep a small fire extinguisher if you have appliances in room.
· A Kevlar blanket is good to have on hand to smother flames
· Female students should carry a small can of pepper spray
· College students are at a much greater risk for identity theft so don’t give out bank, credit card, or social security information over the phone or on-line. And be sure to shred sensitive documents (A small shredded is a good idea to have in the dorm)
· If you suspect id theft: go to for help

What's more fun in the summer than an afternoon at the fair?

We did the Idea Exchange Show live from Radio Park. I remember going to the fair with my grandfather. He cleaned and repaired guns and would always have a booth during the fair. He'd pick me up in the morning, Mom would pack a lunch for me and then I was free to wander the grounds. I'd walk through the buildings looking at all the exhibits first. Then I would make my over to the midway. My favorite rides were the Carousel (loved the calliope music) and the Ferris Wheel (The best spot to be able see for miles and miles at the top!). I would always stop for cotton candy and I threw away all my nickles (or was it quarters?) trying to pitch them on the cut glass plates in order to win a HUGE pastel colored teddy bear.

Much to my dismay, I never did get that stuffed animal! But it was always fun to spend a day at the fair!

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