Monday, August 9, 2010

M & C and Mosquitos

By M & C, I mean macaroni and cheese.
And who doesn't love this great comfort food? Do you like the "homemade variety", the "blue box" (this was the only kind my children would eat!) or do you like to mix mac and cheese with other add-in?

A recent study found that lots of people like to think "outside the box" and came up with other additions to this basic meal. The top 10 "add-ins" are as follows:
1. Tuna
2. Extra Cheese
3. Tomatoes
4. Ground Beef
5. Diced Ham
6. Bacon/Bacon Bits
7. Peas
8. Broccoli
9. Hot Dogs
10. Cream of Mushroom soup

You might like to get even more creative and add sliced green onions and a dash of mustard- or sour cream (instead of milk), salsa, extra cheese and leftover taco meat. Do you have a favorite add-in? If you haven't made any mac and cheese in a while, maybe it's time to break out a box-get creative and make it special with these or other combinations....

We talked about the growing mosquito population and how they are so aggravating! One of my listeners called in this solution to keep them away from your yard:
1 capful lemon-scented dish detergent
1 capful lemon-scented ammonia
1 capful mint mouthwash
Place all ingredients in an "ortho-type" bottle, attach it to your hose and spray the yard until all solution is gone.

"Bounce" dryer sheets also work well to keep mosquitos away. Just rub sheet on exposed skin. You can also keep a sheet tucked in your sock or pocket.

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