Friday, February 19, 2010

Careers and Crockpots

Another great book interview today with author, Harvey Mackay. Fortune Magazine refers to him as "Mr. Make Things Happen". He talked about his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door".

If you are looking for a job or know someone who is unemployed this is a great career resource book. Harvey will help you prep for the interview with a chapter that highlights a 44 question checklist. He discusses attitude, how to create a job application video (a very interesting concept), how to constructively think about your next job while you are still employed and maybe the most interesting concept: the invisble web. We all know that it's important to do research on the company you are going to be interviewing with. This technique will "humanize" your interview and create a more personal connection if you can search out "personal" information about your prospective employer (hobbies, interests, etc.) before the interview. Harvey did his research. He had checked out my blog and knew my interests and hobbies and introduced them into our conversation. His comprehensive book covers everything you need to know AND he offers a money back guarantee! You can access his website at and click on the "job secrets" toolbar.

I found another great website that I'd like to share. If you like to use your crockpot this is a "must bookmark" site. You can find recipes for any category-appetizers, meat, fish, desserts-almost anything you can think of. All you need to do is click on the appropriate category and it brings up the recipe! Very easy and the recipes look good, too. Check it out and if you try one of the recipes, let me know the results.

Great guest line up for next week's show.
On Monday, 2/22 we'll talk with Pamela Yellin about her book: "Bank on Yourself"
On Thursday: 2/25 we'll have Sue Frederick. Her book, "I Can See Your Dream Job" generated a lot of fun and excitement when I spoke with her last fall. She will be taking calls so if you would like her to give you a quick overview of what you REALLY should be doing she will just need your birthdate. Should be another facinating interview!
And then on Friday, 2/26, we are going to talk to Tracy Trivas about her new book "The Wish Stealers". Fiction that is geared toward pre-teens but a fascinating story with a great lesson.

I am a big believer in quotes. From time to time I will pass some of my favorites on to you. Today's quote comes from Mark Twain:
"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything"

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